Why Ndigbo can never forget about Biafra – Igbo chieftain reveals



The convener of the South East Elders Forum, Dozie Ikedife, has insisted that Ndigbo can never forget about Biafra, because it has become their identity.

According to reports, the Igbo chieftain made his comments in Nnewi, Anambra state, on Friday, October 6.


Voice of Ndigbo gathers that Ikedife, a former President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, stated that Biafra can never die; and that the concept is very important to members of the Igbo ethnic group.

He maintained that no one would forget their identity, stating: “No true Oduduwa or Arewa would accept to forget their identities.”

According to the Igbo chieftain, it would be wrong for anyone to tell others to neglect their identity.

He stated further: “These are people who met in the South Eastern part of West Africa in an area now called Nigeria when the Portuguese explorers of the 15th century came calling during their exploration of West Africa.

“Note that in any situation, anybody sitting comfortably would like the status quo to be maintained.

“On the other hand, anybody not sitting comfortably would call for adjustment. This is basic.

“They call for restructuring; we have to define what we are restructuring. To what extent will it go? Will it be far enough to remove all these traces of discomfort in the system, or will it just be a perfunctory alleviation of the discomfort?

“We must understand that.

“And until the inequality, marginalization, uneven distribution of patronages, infrastructural development, unemployment, economic empowerment, accommodation or systematic exclusion are addressed, the agitation up and down in this country will certainly not abate.”

However, Ikedife stressed that he had always stated that it was only through dialogue, diplomacy, non-violence, legal means and operating within the law, that the issue of self-determination for the Igbos could be accomplished.


Meanwhile, members of the Igbo ethnic group were advised by Chief John Nwodo, president-general, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to abandon the struggle for Biafra and push for restructuring.

Nwodo allegedly described the struggle for Biafra as a ‘tall order’ which would hamper the political relationship between Ndigbo and other ethnic groups in the country.



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