President Buhari’s baseless Independent day address to the nation



President Muhammadu Buhari is currently addressing Nigerians live on national television today, October 1.

This is the update;


At 7:00am, President Buhari began by saying: “October 1st remains an important date for all Nigerians, as the day we attained one of the most important desire of humans -freedom. It is day for celebration and rededication.”

He also said: “The PDP government squandered the government’s resources and we were left with no savings and depleted infrastructure deficit.”

Speaking on the APC campaign, he said: “The APC campaign rallying cry to restore security, rebalance the economy and fight corruption was not mere rhetoric.”

President Buhari also said: We have increased funding to homegrown school feeding programme

“We expected the fight against corruption to be difficult, we expected corrupt people to fight back, we have done our best to fight, including using the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

“Justice Malami has been appointed to help improve the judiciary and sancytion any udges found corrupt.

“Fighting coruption is important. I call on all Nigerians to fight corruption by refusing and not asking for bribes and also by whistle blowing.

“As we enter the second term, we intend to accelerate progress. Thank you and happy holidays. God bless our country.”

What’s your opinion on this my fellow Nigerians.



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