s/e Governors, Military pronouncements on IPOB are faulty- Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer blast



Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor has faulted the Nigerian military’s declaration of IPOB as a terrorist group.

images-97-300x250 s/e Governors, Military pronouncements on IPOB are faulty- Nnamdi Kanu's lawyer blast         Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor/Buratai

Ejiofor also dismissed the southeast governors decision to proscribe the activities of IPOB in the region.

In a statement on Saturday, September 16, Ejiofor said the military’s action is a position not founded in law.

According to him, the pronouncement is akin to a building not laid upon any foundation, adding that the declaration can’t stand.



Part of the statement read: “The pertinent question begging for answer in this context, is whether the Nigeria Military authority has the constitutional powers, under a democratic dispensation, to declare an organization, a terrorist group? The answer is capital NO.”

He stated that the power to declare an entity a “proscribed organisation” under the Terrorism Prevention Act belongs to the Nation Security Adviser, Attorney General of the Federation or the Inspector General of Police.

“Such an action has to be gazetted with the approval of the president. So far only 2 groups have been so gazetted: Ansaru & Boko Haram.

“Until the above law is strictly complied with, I advise the members of IPOB to continue to conduct themselves in non violent manner they are well known for, and never to indulge in any form of arm struggle or acts capable of endangering the national seurity, or even confronting security agents, even on the face of the ongoing unprovoked attack by the soldiers presently deployed to the southeast,” he added.

He also stated that IPOB law offices had filed a formal complaint to relevant international organizations, and comity of nations, on the military action in the southeast.

He challenged the south east governors forum, stressing that a resolution contained in a communique issued at the end of a political forum meeting such as theirs can’t transform to an executive order.

“Both pronouncements are patently faulty, and in so far as they do not conform with the procedures laid down under our law, they can’t stand,” Ejiofor concluded.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Kanu, the younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu has described the military’s declaration as ‘laughable’.

Kanu stated that IPOB is a non-violent group that do not carry arms and have not killed anyone.

His words: “From inception, Nnamdi Kanu made it clear to the whole world that we are non-violent freedom fighters and that is the way it has been. We are not Boko Haram, we are not ISIS.”



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