Nnamdi Kanu should be held responsible for Anambra killings – Nigerians blast


Some Nigerians have gone to social media to blame the leader of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu for the recent church killings in Anambra state.

unnamed-16 Nnamdi Kanu should be held responsible for Anambra killings - Nigerians blast                 Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB

Voice of Ndigbo had earlier reported that some gunmen allegedly struck at the Assemblies of God Church on the Oguta road Onitsha, Anambra state killing one policeman and a civilian.

Most of the people who commented on the incident said that the case of killings and attacks were becoming rampant in the state so that Nnamdi Kanu’s order for election boycott during the November governorship election in the state would come to fruition.


A Facebook user, Oluka Austin Ugochukwu, said: “Some groups of persons have said election would not hold in Anambra state and I am sure all these may be connected to the threat.

“Destabilize Anambra at all cost and ensure the state become too hot for the election to hold so that we tell the federal government and our people that we are in control and push harder for a referendum”.

“It’s a pity that the innocent and fellow tribal men to those who might truly be behind all these are those dying. No matter the sentiments, Anambra people should wake- up and face the evil in their land because a criminal minded person does not know his brother or friends.

“If bothers could arrange and be involved in kidnapping and killing of relatives, there is nothing anyone with a mission would not do to attain his goals. This is same way some northerners brought Boko Haram upon the north-east region and are killing their people, all because of selfish interest.

“People might keep blaming others wrongly in times like this, mostly when there is division in the country, while the evil men get away with their evil acts.

In his comments, Danilo Suarez emphasized that: “Our leader Nnamdi Kanu told us that very soon we shall be attacked and in our homes etc. His word is coming into accomplishment and to avoid another terror in Biafran land, we must not vote come November in Anambra. I rest my case.”

Ezegbe Chuka in his reactions noted that: “I think that the present commissioner of police Anambra state should be transferred and then someone that is conversant with the Anambra state policing should be deployed with the appropriate machinery to return peace and order in Anambra state.

According to Emmanuel Solomon, “I have said Anambra state will become a center for blood baths because they allow Nnamdi kanu to grow to the position of priesthood in the spiritual realm, they must pay dearly.

“Last week, I wrote as a comment that St Philip blood sucking demons was just released to assist Nnamdi Kanu in his quest to acquire power that has been surrendered to him by the custodians of Igbo’s gods out of fear.

Shalelen Baba in his post said: “This Kanu is a cause to Igbo land, that is how Shekau started Boko Haram and most of Borno people ignored the implication and start blaming government and co. before they know there is bomb blast every were in the n/east region. So good reasoning Igbo people should take the matter serious and kill the bad ideas from the grassroots before it is too late. I just tell you my mind because we experienced it in our places.

Another Facebook user, Emmanuel Nkonim, noted: “All these attacks have something to do with Biafra. Its either the government is killing to betray Biafra or Biafra is doing it to put pressure on the government to cancel the election please “I jos de pass oo no insult me I de try talk my mind oo I beg”.


However, Chigozie Mmaduabuchi said that: “This is to confirm that it’s all jihadist attack or would you come up with another cook up stories of drug war?

“You people are doing your best to place Anambra under state of emergency because of IPOB declaration to boycott the election we know all this things trust me no elections in south east is a done deal and God will expose you vampires.

Meanwhile, Voice of Ndigbo had on Sunday August 6, reported that some gunmen killed scores of worshipers at the St Philip’s Catholic, Ozubulu area of Anambra state.


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