Yemi Alade Breaks Up With Lover And Manager Taiye Aliyu..

Rumour has it that talented Nigerian music artist Yemi Alade has allegedly ended the love affair with her manager, Taiye Aliyu.

download-1 Yemi Alade Breaks Up With Lover And Manager Taiye Aliyu..           Taiye Aliyu and Yemi Alade

Over the years both Yemi Alade and her manager have never come out to reveal that they are dating but source close to them revealed that the two are in love and if they continue might even walk down the aisle.

With a word the lovebirds made their affair public when they released cosy pictures while on the streets of Paris. This happened while Yemi Alade was on her world tour earlier in the year.



However, the news of their alleged breakup was leaked by an Instagram blogger Aunty Bukky, who revealed that they decided to end the affair due to jealousy and money issues.

She posted a picture of the couple with the caption: “#AuntyBukkyGist. Superstar Yemi Alade has allegedly ended her love affair with manager Taiye Aliyu. Sources close to the star are saying the lovers ended their relationship due to disagreements over money and jealousy issues. Let’s hope her career doesn’t end like Emma Nyra’s did after Triple MG CEO Ubi Franklin dumped her. #AllegedlyOoo”


It could be recalled that Taiye Aliyu not just Yemi Alade’s manager but the owner of Efizzy Records where the songstress is signed to.

However, as at the time of this report the lovebirds have not to either admit or dismiss the rumour.


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