Nnamdi Kanu Rolls Around In Dirts Through His Speeches, So He Is A Pig. Buchi Obichie Blast



Editor’s note: The writer Buchi Obichie chastises Nnamdi Kanu for his constant insults hurled at those who oppose his position. She further challenges him to take up the ‘live debate challenge’ extended by Joe Igbokwe, even as she notes that Kanu’s utterances are what really resemble the actions of the animal he chose to describe others as.

My younger brother and I argue often. He has always had a better command of facts than me; and one of the most important lessons I have learned from him is not to be emotional during arguments, but to be logical. Okay well, I also learned that from Don Vito Corleone in ‘The Godfather’.

In any case, it is always important to place a distinction between ‘personalities’ and ‘issues’, when debating over matters of consequence.

When you focus on character assassination, you dwell on the emotional, and could easily sway your audience over to the side of your opponents, with your constant attacks on them.


But when you focus squarely on the issue and back up your argument with relevant data, you are more likely to gain the upper hand.

This is a lesson that Nnamdi Kanu does not seem to have learned so far.

During a recent address of his supporters in his hometown, Kanu went off again, hurling insults at those who do not agree with his point of view.

He stated: “All those idiots with Biafran names that say they want to be Nigerians are Pigs!”

He also stated: “I want to stress that if you are a Nigerian, you are evil and a child of Satan!”

Well, I bear an Ibo name, but I do not want to become a Biafran. Quite frankly, I love being a Nigerian. Now, I would know if I was a Pig, wouldn’t i?

If I was a Pig, it is very unlikely that I would be walking around on two feet alone, or that I would even possess the intellectual capacity to pen this piece.

Even if you take the statement metaphorically, I still cannot be described as the four-legged creature!

Then again, how does Nnamdi Kanu identify a ‘child of Satan’ solely on their national identities/inclinations? Is choosing to remain a Nigerian now a trait of unrighteousness? LOL! Maybe I need to go back and consult my bible…I must have missed an important verse!

To a large extent though, I think I can understand the method behind Kanu’s madness.

History has shown that when people feel disenfranchised, they would readily align themselves with any person who promises them something better…even if it is a promise they have no idea about how to fulfill!

But then again, when I look into the faces of those who attend Kanu’s colorful and highly entertaining rallies, I wonder how many of them are there simply out of curiosity about the man, than for a genuine yearning for this Biafra!

In any case, my point is this- Nnamdi Kanu cannot win an argument based on insults…it only makes him look weak and very childish!

You know what I would like to see though? I would like to see Nnamdi Kanu in a televised debate with leaders of thought, addressing the issue of the Biafran agitation.

I believe that an invitation has already been extended by Joe Igbokwe…Kanu is yet to accept the invitation…he should.

He has a penchant for addressing crowds in rural areas; but I think most of us would love to see him participate in an intellectually stimulating debate, based on facts, and devoid of insults…if he can…on live TV…away from his fan base. Let’s see how he does!

Anyone can hurl insults in market squares when he is in control of his audience; but let’s see how Kanu does when he has to argue his case on a stage, with another human being who holds an opposite view, and with the whole country watching…live!

Mr. Kanu, prove thyself!


Now, I would conclude by going back to Kanu’s statement.

You see, there is a saying from the bible that “by their fruits, you shall know them”. That means a person can be judged based on his actions.

Pigs have a defining trait- they roll around in dirt.

If we were to undertake a study of Nnamdi Kanu and describe his personality based on his utterances so far, we would definitely find a lot of nasty comments.

Now, metaphorically speaking, Kanu can be said to be constantly ‘rolling in dirt’ whenever he opens his mouth at his rallies!

So, who is the Pig now?

This opinion piece was written by Buchi Obichie.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of Voice of Ndigbo.



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