Ltv Lagos Worker Blasts Ambode For This Wicked Act Against Suspected Gays, Neglecting Other 23 Issues Destroying Lagosians

Autho : Samuel Marveylous Achafu (Facebook usser)

I think it’s a shame that the Lagos state government will post this on their wall as an achievement… They are other matters to attend to like.images-1-1 Ltv Lagos Worker Blasts Ambode For This Wicked Act Against Suspected Gays, Neglecting Other 23 Issues Destroying Lagosians                Gov Ambode of Lagos State

1. Why is Saudi Arabia a place where rain falls twice a year always have public water to bath millions of hajj occupants every year and Lagos which is surrounded by an ocean has no public water?

images-3 Ltv Lagos Worker Blasts Ambode For This Wicked Act Against Suspected Gays, Neglecting Other 23 Issues Destroying Lagosians                  42 suspected gays

2. Why is it that ex-governor’s collect millions as pension every month while other pensioners (teachers, policemen, doctors, public servants) serve this country and yet they get owed for 21 months

3. Why is Lagos budget bigger than that of Benin republic, Niger and Chad yet the poverty and unemployment rate is Lagos is almost compared to that of Somalia???

4. Why is it that the same Europeans who brought the bible to us the same Europeans have legalized gay laws???

5. The Lagos state is against same sex laws yet The same Lagos state signed the “Bigamy Law” in 2011 allowing One marry to marry 3 or more wives at the same time which is against the Bible’s “One man, One wife” view???

6. We are parading gays yet Buhari is granting amnesty to boko haram who are killing people, El-Rufai is granting amnesty to Fulani herdsmen who are killing people???

7. The government is arresting gays yet you failed to give the igbos freedom for over 50 years… You kill innocent IPOB members everyday, you use soldiers to molest them, you continue to sideline the igbos and yet you think arresting gays will bring justice???

8. Yoruba’s were attacked by Fulani and Hausa men in ile ife and killed some months ago and no single Hausa and Fulani was arrested only Yoruba’s were arrested… And you say we have a government???

9. Our senators collect billions as salary… They collect 23 allowances 1.Newspaper allowance
2. Wardrobe allowance
3. Kitchen allowance
4. Housing allowance and Even 5.Stress allowance and 18 more allowances…

10. Bag of rice has moved from 7,500 to 19,000
Bag of beans from 6,800 to 21,000
Gallon of kings oil from 7,800 to 14,200
Bag of Garry from 5,700 to 14,500
Sugar 500g from 50naira to 130naira
Salt 500g from 50naira to 100naira
Know cubes 1 pack from 400 to 550…. The list is endless

This are the things affecting us… We don’t care if gays are everywhere… Gays are not the politicians who looted us dry, Gays are not the Governors who refuse to give us water, Gay are not the ministers who refused to fix our road, schools, hospitals, electricity and provide employment, Gays are not the ex presidents who collect 25 million every month as pensions… Gays are not our problem… Our problem is:

3.Fulani Herdsmen
4.Boko haram
5.High food prices
6.Bad governance
7.Unstable Electricity
8. Bad roads
9. Recession
10. Sucide rates
11. Badoo boys
12. High profile corruption cases
13. Governors wasting billions to buy cars and renovate their houses
14. Biafra must go
15. Employ our youths
16. Stabilize the dollar
17. Governor Ambode give us water
18. Let the youth lead, make us the leaders of tomorrow
19. Reduce fuel prices
20. Reduces food prices
21. Bring back the chibok girls
22. Arrest our corrupt senators
23. Develop Niger Delta

This are the real issues not arresting gays… We need good governance… We have millions of gays in Nigeria. Can you arrest them all??? …. I wish Nigerians would leave sentiment and face the real issues… Poverty is killing us, Business are crashing… We need Good Governance…

This are the opinio of the writer and not that of Voice of Ndigbo.

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