No One Born Of A Woman Can Destroy Nnamdi Kanu. Popular Prophet Reveals



A Nigerian prophet has revealed a prophecy that a Biafra nation would be achieved without war in Nigeria.

Prophet Williams Onuoha who is the founder of Galilee Christian Centre in Lagos also noted that Nnamdi Kanu would be the one to establish Biafra.

images-36 No One Born Of A Woman Can Destroy Nnamdi Kanu. Popular Prophet Reveals                   Prophet Williams Onuoha

The prophet made his revelation known during the church’s seventh anniversary.

According to him, God revealed to him that Nigeria would not experience another civil war from the establishment of Biafra.

images-32 No One Born Of A Woman Can Destroy Nnamdi Kanu. Popular Prophet Reveals                  Nnamdi Kanu IPOB leader

In an interview with Daily Sun, Onuoha recalled that he had advised the Nigerian government last year to cooperate with Kanu and negotiate with him but he was not taken seriously.


He further expressed that Kanu cannot be harmed because he is led by the hand of God. He said: “The hand of God is on that young man. Man cannot destroy him. Nobody should try to fight him, as no man born of a woman can oppose him and succeed. Remember that the Igbo have mourned their dead; it is now a spiritual battle. Kanu is backed by a strong power and he has the youths behind him. My revelations have never failed. God revealed to me four months before the US presidential election that Donald Trump was going to win. Most people didn’t believe me. God’s words must surely come to pass.”

Onuoha also urged Nigerians to pray against famine in 2018, adding that it would be a tough year for Nigerians.


The prophet said: “Money will disappear from the hands of the rich, the nation would witness lots of suicides, because God said the land is polluted with the blood of the innocent and that there is so much evil and He is unhappy with Nigeria. He is mostly unhappy with the leaders, who have continuously deceived the nation. People are suffering while some are happy because they have enriched themselves from the people’s suffering. It is time we began to pray as a people. It is time we drew closer to God in truth and in faith.”


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