CEO Of Google Inc Sundar Picha Visits Computer Village Lagos..


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google Inc., Sundar Pichai landed in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday, July 27, and said his team would be training 10 million Nigerians in the next five years.

CEO Pichai said this while highlighting the need for individuals and businesses to leverage the digital space and subsequently transition into a digital economy.

He announced his visit to computer village at Ikeja, Lagos on his Twitter page. Computer village is a popular spot to purchase electronic gadgets in Lagos state and has grown to almost mythic proportions as the go-to place electronic devices.

It was earlier reported Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria, from meeting with Andela, a company which the Zuckerberg-Chan initiative has invested about 24 million dollars in, to visiting with the kids at the coding camp.



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