A Yahoo Ritualist Nabbed In Port Harcourt, Stripe Naked, After Doing This Evil Act On A Lady



A yahoo plus guy was caught early this morning with a coffin as he finished having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend, he immediately stood up and tied a red piece of cloth on his penis and started reciting some incantation when the girl raised alarm from the room.

The girl’s noise attracted the attention of the people around who then subsequently rushed to the room, forced the door open and caught him trying to kill his girlfriend for money ritual.

Parents should keep giving proper counseling to their children. Ritual killings is what is in vogue these days and our young boys and girls of today can be easily get attracted with worldly things, frivolities, which those callous YAHOO GUYS often use as baits to lure their victims.

Our children shall not turn to money-making ingredients by His grace.

Please share and save lives.

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