See What An Igbo Soldier Was Caught Doing With Pregnant Hausa Muslim Women

Over the years Nigerians have had different perspectives about their soldiers because they feel majority of them her brutal and heartless.

Such was not the case of Ebuka Celestine Nwabueze. He has proved that he is different from other soldiers out there and women can’t stop singing his praise in the North.

Nwabueze was reported to have helped different women deliver their babies while his colleagues are busy in the bushes fighting against Boko Haram.



According to Ikechukwu Jude Offie who shared the story in order to inspire others posted several pictures of the soldier with the caption:

“The act of soldiering is a thing of the mind. Ok… He is not a Nanny or an Actor in a Hollywood or Nollywood movies. Neither is his he father of any of those kids… He is the Nigerian Soldier who got popular for staying back to help a pregnant woman put to bed in the North when the Boko boys were closing in on the village he was serving at. He risked his life to secure the woman till she had her baby. The woman wanted to name the baby after him but because he was a Christian and an Igbo from the East, the baby was named ABUKAR which means EBUKA.

images-83 See What An Igbo Soldier Was Caught Doing With Pregnant Hausa Muslim Women                    Ebuka the kind Soldier



HE IS NOT JUST A SOLDIER, BUT A HUMAN. HE IS NOT JUST A CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN, BUT A TRUE BELIEVER. HE IS NOT JUST AN IGBO BUT A TRUE NIGERIAN. He is from Ihiala in Anambra state, Nigeria. He has not only risked his life to fight terrorism, but has impacted and inspired many Northerner with love, teaching, generosity, protection and good examples of pius life. He is Ebuka Celestine Nwabueze and I’m celebrating him today.”


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