Ohaneze Ndigbo Disowns Biafra Agitation, Secession, Supports Restructuring



The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, has explained what led to the decision of Igbo leaders to clamour for restructuring of Nigeria as against breakup.

unnamed-10 Ohaneze Ndigbo Disowns Biafra Agitation, Secession, Supports Restructuring           PG Ohaneze Ndigbo Chief Nwodo

Nwodo explained that no ethnic group has more stake in the Nigeria project than the Igbo and as such Igbos cannot consider a break up as a viable option, as such decision might affect them gravely.

Recall that it was earlier reported that the South East leaders, including governors, religious and traditional leaders met in Enugu and decided to support restructuring the country.

images-36 Ohaneze Ndigbo Disowns Biafra Agitation, Secession, Supports Restructuring                 Ohaneze Ndigbo Elders

According to a report by Premium Times, Nwodo said that while Ohaneaze and other elders understand and appreciate the circumstances that prompted the youth agitations under the MASSOB and IPOB platform, the elders do not believe that secession is a good choice.

images-35 Ohaneze Ndigbo Disowns Biafra Agitation, Secession, Supports Restructuring                   Biafran Agitators


In a statement signed by Nwodo, the Ohanaeze group said that the elders do not “believe that breaking up Nigeria is a reasonable option at this time”.

Nwodo also announced that steps are being taken by the apex body leadership to carry along the youth of the region and ensure that the Ndigbo have a common and unified position on the way forward for them.

He said restructuring will bring Nigeria to a level where every person of which ever tribe, religion or class would have a sense of belonging and in return give in their best for the development of the country.

He added that equal partnership, equal ownership and level playing ground for all is the right way to go to bring the best in our people and set Nigeria on the path of growth and development.


Meanwhile, former President Olusegun Obasanjo has restated that those agitating for the breakup of Nigeria are wrong.

Obasanjo, who made the remark while condemning those calling for the breakup of the country, noted that the problem of the country was not in its structure, but in the ‘mentality’ of its citizens.

Speaking in Lagos on Thursday July 6, the former president said he prays for a change of mentality by the agitators.

Obasanjo said: “If he had a magic wand, I would make one wish that God should change our mentality; I believe that is the problem of this country.”

He advised Nigerians not to be deceived by those calling for war, noting that they had not witnessed one before.


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