The Beauty Of Our Father Land Biafra, A Must Read For Every True Igbo Born

Biafra is a state of being.

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Until we have achieved that state of being, the desired geopolitical region remains at risk. So we must pursue both tasks together.

And the State of Being is as follows:

We have to do as the Catalonians do in Spain.
When they realized that the Castelianos (Madrid) will never voluntarily or easily give them Independencia, the Catalonians (Barcelona) decided to turn inwards and develop their region Technologically, Economically and Infrastructurally – and now they are the economic powerhouse of Spain.

The same thing is with Bayern in Germany. When Germany was declaring itself as a nation, Bayern (Bavaria) had the choice to stay out and be a country on its own (like Austria did) . Instead it opted to stay within a greater Germany and become it’s best part. Today Bavaria is the most technologically and economically powerful region in Germany – and it has the whole of Germany now as its primary and biggest market.

The same thing is with California in the USA.
It’s not only the biggest economy WITHIN the US, it’s also the 6th largest economy in the World!
However, this is only because it is within the US and can leverage on all the synergies that come with that, that it can be so powerful.
If it were suddenly to try to break away overnight stand alone, as a competitor against the rest of the US, things would not be so easy.

Nigeria does not fear IPOB as is. Infact they WANT IPOB to challenge them, so they can militarily wage war on the Igbos.
IPOB at present is not the Biafra that Nigeria fears.
They fear the Biafra that becomes like Catalonia, like Bavaria, like California.
That’s the Biafra they fear.
So they NEED this militant IPOB to give them an excuse to come and reduce Ala-Igbo to a wasteland again and turn back the hands of our clock once more to Zero, like they did in the last Civil War.
Even if we don’t want and don’t start any hostilities, they will use the slightest excuse or provocation or accident to send in their troops. Britain will support them and in the end USA will establish a military base in Igbo Land, to keep the peace. And that is how we will become occupied territory.

We have to be smart, and shift the battle to the field where we can win.

What I am saying is this: yes we will continue to ask for Referendum, like Catalonia does in Spain, like Scotland does in Great Britain.
But it is not Referendum that will give us the Biafra we need. And of course It is not guns that will give us Biafra, that we know.
As Igbos we have to conquer our chronic Individualism – and we have to pool our wealth, intelligence and efforts together to turn Ala-Igbo into a First World region, right here and now. But this is the most difficult thing for us because we are individualists! It is easier to protest.

The second point is: Our Governors. As much as we don’t like them, we have to work on them.

If IPOB mobilises the people against the Governors, the same way it is mobilising them against the Federal Govt, you will see how fast things will change.
What will the governors do? Will they start shooting their own people? If a governor does that, where will that governor run to hide from the people’s revenge? They have nowhere to go and hide. Your state is your home – so they MUST listen to the people. If the people are united. And IPOB can unite the people.

Instead of going to Abuja, the Governors should come together, put money together from their budget and start building a second Niger Bridge.

Computer Village in Lagos is full of Igbos.
The governors and leadership should put their moneys together and build TECHNOLOGY TOWN in Aba.

Put their money together and elevate Enugu Airport to a level HIGHER than Lagos or Abuja airport.
Things like that.

We need a world class Stock Exchange in Ala-Igbo. We can achieve that without the fed govt, because we own trading.

IPOB has already come up with a blueprint for an Igbo-wide democratic customary govt, the people’s govt, very republican in nature, and this is good. This is power. Ironically, it might even be according to the nigerian constitution. If peacefully achieved, this can be the leverage with which to control the elected executive and legislative levels, if Nigeria stays together. And if Nigeria falls apart, then automatically we already have a framework state in operation.

If we are doing things like all this, Arewa will not need to issue quit notice – Igbos will come back in droves to build up Alaigbo.

The Igbo governors can execute and implement ANTI-OPEN-GRAZING LAWS in their states, and call on all indigenes to participate in monitoring it.
This will empower all Igbos and we will rid ourselves of these Fulani Herdsmen in no time.
This is a priority. Every passing day is too much.

Ekiti State did it.
Benue State has done it.
It’s not impossible.
Why cannot the States of the South-East ALL do it as ONE?
Anti Grazing Law.
This will shake the Nigerian Govt more than asking for referendum.

IPOB has power. If they use it wisely they can bring about tremendous change in Ala-Igbo without a single drop of blood shed.

If Nigeria stays together, we Ala-Igbo have to become the most advanced region of Nigeria.
If Nigeria breaks up, we have to be ready to survive on our own. And at the moment, we are not yet ready. This is where we need to put our eyes into. Because the ball is already rolling.

What we want is for people to come and start investing in Ala-Igbo, from all over the world.
If that happens, everybody will protect Igbo land. Biafra will grow from within.

– Hon. Barr. N. Ezike

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