Read This Article And You Will Be Forever Free From Mental Slavery Of War And Crisis

A Facebook User Ibidabo Odunubi posted this amazing comment on Vanguard Post on the Article ” I will settle all ethnic difference AP Osinbajo”.


During the Nigerian Civil War, while Britain was sending sugar, butter and milk to the Biafrans, the same Britain was selling weapons to the Nigerian troops in Lagos.

Britain gained immensely from that civil war while Nigeria and Biafra lost badly in everything and on all sides, all the billions the young country (Nigeria was just seven years old then) was supposed to use for development, they used to fight and kill themselves, our economy is yet to recover till date and that is not to mention the three million brains wasted.

If any civil war happens again, the same people who will benefit will not be the careless and ignorant youths screaming and calling for war, it will be the sellers of the weapons, you can see how President Donald Trump is selling weapons to both Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the same time while some comedians are taking sides. Who gained from the deal? United States. It is all a game and if you are not smart, you will keep making a fool of yourself as a nation.

If Saudi Arabia and Qatar start killing themselves tomorrow, it is none of the business of the weapon seller, they will even sell them more to finish themselves, just as the Americans are selling to the Saudis to finish off the Yemenis. The new world order simply has no time for stupid people, if you want to kill yourselves because you don’t have sense, they will happily sell to you all the weapons you need, they will even help you upgrade and do maintenance for ‘free’. After all they did not force the weapons on you, you demanded for them out of your own foolishness.

That is why you will see in many African countries like South Sudan and Congo where people are starving to death because there is no food but in these same countries they always have money to buy plenty weapons to kill themselves. You then begin to wonder how people who are so poor they cannot feed themselves are able to get countless AK-47s. It is left for the people of Africa especially the youths to use their brains and learn from history. As young Nigerians, make your leaders in government accountable, stop defending anyone based on sentiments because it will NEVER favour you, insist on good governance and a just and fair system that will provide abundant opportunities for everyone. The world owes you nothing. Wisdom is always profitable to direct and there is no misunderstanding that dialogue cannot resolve. After all, all wars are ended on the dialogue table. I have said my own.

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