Arrest Prof Ango Abdullahi, all the people asking Igbos to leave the North now. Northern Youths blast

As the tension caused by the three-month quit notice to our people resident in the northern part of Nigeria continues to rise, Voice of Ndigbo can report that there are pressures on security agencies to arrest Professor Ango Abdullahi, one of the elders of the region.

The Northern Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), a pressure group in the region has demanded for the arrest of Professor Abdullahi, spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), for supporting the notice.

The group also demanded the arrest of the members of the coalition that put the country in its current state through the notice to the Igbos.

Speaking with journalists today, June 10, in Kaduna, the NYCN reminded Nigerians that Ango Abdullahi and his family would run from Nigeria if his utterance eventually leads to violence and unrest.

According to the group, in such situation, the poor would be left to suffer and die.

The NYCN president, Isah Abubakar, declared that the notice which was given by the coalition in Kaduna did not represent the decision of the entire north.

He also maintained that the NYCN stands as the umbrella body for all the youth organisations and has the right to make such announcement.

While dissociating itself from the quit notice, the NYCN noted that all Nigerian citizens have the right to live in any part of the country without fear.

“We are surprise with statement credited to our renowned elder and academic, Professor Ango Abdullahi supporting the uncivil and illegal declaration that Igbos should vacate the North.

“NYCN want to use this medium to dissociate itself from anti-Nigeria agenda for selfish reason. We are not happy with the development in all its ramifications.

“We are calling on federal government to extend its arrest order to Professor Ango Abdullahi and other people who must have sponsored the perpetrators of such a huge inciting statement capable of throng the country into another civil unrest while the country is yet to fully recovered from the previous one several decades after,” he said.

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