Yoruba popular actor Odunlade Adekola’s death rumour sparks fire..



Odunlade Adekola, popular Yoruba actor, has refuted death rumour currently being peddled about him in a new Instagram video.


In a video recorded in Yoruba language, the comic actor said he has heard and seen all the rumours of his death making the rounds on social media and has no idea why anyone will want to wish him dead.

In his comical manner, he then proceeded to make some notable declarations, or what can be considered barrage of curses on those wishing him untimely death.

He siad: “I am so surprised to hear it again that I am dead. This will be the fifth time and it is becoming unbearable. It has gotten to that level in which I have to voice out. Eyin temi, ni agbara Olorun, ao ni foju sunkun ara wa ooooo (My people, by the grace of God, we will not mourn ourselves).

He highlighted the length people spreading death rumours about him often go to make their lies look real. According to him, most times, the peddlers go as far as putting the corpse of someone else side by side his picture and circulate it.

“By Gods grace I declare death and darkness into the lives of those that wish me dead over and over. I am not angry but just making declarations to those that have been circulating rumours of my death.”

Premium Times reported that in Novermber 2015, Social media platforms were awash with the rumour of his death with his fans and lovers of Yoruba movies making enquiries to confirm the rumour.


The actor described as surprising the rumour that armed robbers stormed his home in Abeokuta, Ogun State and killed him.


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