The devilish dwarf, little pygmy Chris Ngige that said Igbos shouldn’t complain about marginalisation, has sold his soul to the devil. FFK blats



Femi Fani-Kayode has lashed out at Chris Ngige for saying Igbo people should not complain about marginalisation as they did not invest in Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign.

In a series of tweets via his official page, Fani-Kayode who has been a staunch supporter of the Igbo people’s agitation lashed out at the minister of labour for his comment.


He wrote: The devilish dwarf and little pygmy that said Igbos should not complain about marginalisation because they didn’t vote for Buhari is a village idiot, a compound fool and an unrepentant slave.

“He has sold his soul to the devil and he is eating crumbs from his masters table.”

Voice of Ndigbo had earlier reported that Ngigie in an interview with This Day said he tried to explain to Igbo leaders why they should give Buhari 25 per cent of their votes but they refused and pitched their tent with Jonathan.

He said: “I went to our Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo in Enugu twice. They could not even reply to a letter written by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, seeking for a meeting with them.”

The minister revealed that he convened an Igbo stakeholders’ forum in William Nwodo’s house in Ikoyi, Lagos where he analysed the voting pattern to them and why it was necessary to give Buhari 25 per cent of their votes.

“They refused to listen to me, and to make matter worse, there was no voting in most of the areas in the South-east; they just allocated 5 per cent to APC.

“It was that bad, it is too late to cry when the head is off. Politics is business in a way, you invest in business and you reap profit.

“Yes, that is what it is. But all I want to tell you is that we played bad politics; we made a bad investment because they invested in the Jonathan presidency. They invested in Jonathan more than the South-south, where he hails from.

“I am not saying that is enough to marginalise them or not allow them come in but we are there. I will continue to speak for them and when there is anything to be distributed, we will make sure that the South-east gets its own portion. But they will not get excess portion.

“Even in a family where the head of the family goes to the farm to harvest his yams those who accompany the farmer to the farm get more share.


“When they bring back the yams some of them will be damaged, and the pieces are put out in one section. Then the whole yams are put into the barn and some will be sent to the market for sale. And some will be sent to the family centrally for distribution among the family units.

“Those ones that are in pieces, the extras, will be shared among those that went to the farm. We did not benefit from the extras with people who went to the farm. We didn’t go to the farm in the south-east.”

What a dirty insult Ngige lashed on Ndigbo. We all are waiting , watching patiently to see how all this will play out on Anambra State Governorship Elections coming up soon and Ndigbo political scene.

As for me Ngige is just an unfortunate Son Ndigbo shall never be proud of. May Chukwuokike Abiama bless and keep us all.



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