Behold Amazing thing Igbo Pastor was seen doing on the street of London UK


A Nigerian Pastor simply identified as Onyeka allegedly performed a miracle on a random young man walking with crutches on the street of London.

Do you believe in miracles? Then this might just give you a reason to reinforce your belief.

A Nigerian pastor identified as Onyeka was seen performing a ‘miracle’ on a young man on the streets of London, recently.

The young man was seen wearing a leg brace and walking with crutches prior to receiving his ‘healing’ from Onyeka.


Onyeka prayed for the young man, laying hands on his feet in the name of the ‘Holy Ghost’, after which he took the crutches away, saying ‘who says God is not alive? There is power in the name of Jesus’.

The young man was able to walk without the aid of his crutches.



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