How Buhari, Binta Nyako and the Judiciary fooled themselves over Nnamdi Kanu’s bail conditions

WHO IS AFRAID OF NNAMDI KANU- bail or bondage?

Sometime ago, the Buhari led Federal Government bozoly arrested Nnamdi Kanu the acclaimed leader of Independent People Of Biafra (IPOB).

With the passage of time, the intention of arresting Nnamdi Kanu became personal when several Courts Of competent jurisdiction from Federal High Courts to Ecowas Court granted bails to Kanu.

However Buhari pupuciously and dweebly disobeyed all known Court orders granting bail to Nnamdi Kanu.

This unpopular conduct diminished Buhari and inspired compassion for Kanu.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu became very popular because Buhari became both the accuser, prosecutor and Judge.

In all these political zydeco Nnamdi Kanu displayed resilience, bravery and boldness.

Nnamdi Kanu became a bone in the neck of Buhari who could not continue to hold him in detention or let him go.

Buhari appears to develop personal hatred for Nnamdi Kanu by publicly granting interviews and saying he shall not release Nnamdi Kanu no matter the Court rulings.

Many Judges who perceived the FG personal interest in Nnamdi Kanu’s case, withdrew and hands off the case.

Based on all these FG kukluxklan cum kamikaze attacks on Nnamdi Kanu, International bodies and the International Committee began to show support for Nnamdi Kanu’s course, Who demanded freedom for Biafrans and called Nigeria A “Zoo Republic”.

Among those Countries who showed support for Nnamdi Kanu are the President of Turkey and Israel.

However, as at yesterday, Justice Nyanko Binta after displaying bias and after being challenged & confronted by Kanu, shamefully granted bail to Kanu.

The bail conditions include:
*3 persons of which shall include a serving senator, a Jewish leader and a respected person.
*They are all to deposit 100milion naira each
*own property in Abuja
*Kanu is not to be seen in a gathering of more than 10 persons.

This bail conditions to say the least is laughable, dippy, dodo, pungent, dopey doolally and coo coon.

What if Nnamdi kanu have 10 Children And A Wife?

Asking A Jewish Leader to be a guarantor for Kanu’s bail is the height of Judicial rascality and an invitation to Israel to officially accept Biafra.

This is a clueless bail condition by the Judge.

The presence of Governor Ayodele Fayose in the court with Kanu, is a boost to Kanu’s popularity and spread of influence.

The quick response of Senator Kwankwanso to stand as a Guarantor for Nnamdi Kanu is a blow and mockery to Federal Government and a statement that the North supports Nnamdi Kanu.

It is b Big shame that the clueless Court decided to demand for a Jewish Leader as Guarantor For Kanu.

If a Jewish Leader should stand for Kanu, it means Israel have joined the Sympathizers of Nnamdi Kanu Led IPOB. This will only increase the popularity of Kanu Internationally.

Reports from the Court suggests that Nnamdi Kanu have rejected this bail unless the other two who were arraigned with him are also granted bail.


The struggle by Nnamdi Kanu is gaining both Local and International support. A time will come when Buhari can no longer stand Nnamdi Kanu.

Therefore my advice for Buhari is to eat the humble Pie and invite Nnamdi Kanu for a dialogue.

Thereafter, FG should immediately fulfil all agreements with Nnamdi Kanu to avoid Nigeria from disintegration.

To take another opinion is to fuel the Break Up Of Nigeria.

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