Read an unspeakable crazy thing Nollywood Actor Ik Ogbonna’s pretty wife plans to do…

In a recent post, Sonia Ogbonna shared ‘n8ked’ truth with her fans and followers. The mother of one who has faced major criticisms on her style and mode of dressing responded to the outrageous accusations of her not being a wife material.


Sonia is the delectable wife of popular Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna. Also an online relationship and life coach, she gets comments from some of her readers who feel the need to bash her for various reasons.

The pretty face married her lover, IK in a simple ceremony three years back and has made a living out of fixing other people’s relationships. A fan accused her of indecent dressing and unnecessary exposure and Sonia’s response has got people talking.

VON admires her positive spirit, making light a situation anyone else could have taken offence to.

She said: “Next time my “highly moral” people decide that my dressing is not appropriate enough for standards of an “African culture”,I will just carry my load and immigrate to Namibia and ask this amazing Himba tribe to adopt me .


“So I can walk n*ked and free. I can bet you, as naked as they are,they don’t do as half of evil that y’all commit while fully covered up . Original heritage is so powerful Don’t let it die of completely in the name of westernization. #himba I don’t think there is anything barbaric about them and I am so sure,there is so much be learned from such civilizations.”
Although it’s a classy reference, many believe Sonia won’t survive under the Himba tribe. It is a small group of fifty thousand people living in northern Namibia, yet to see any semblance of western culture or any form of quality education.

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