Pro-Biafra Agitators invited to the White House in Washington DC by US President Donald Trump on May 29…

Pro-Biafra Agitators invited to Washington DC.

That bit of information was made available by a Facebook user called Candy Stallworth, who claimed to be the Mobilization officer of the pro-Biafra group in the United States of America.

In a chat with correspondent, Stallworth revealed more about the alleged White House invitation, which was purportedly sent to the group by US congressman Paul Gaetz, a former Florida lawmaker.

According to her, the pro-Biafra movement in the US, led by one Godson Eruchalu, has grown very strong such that its cries could be heard by that country’s government officials, hence the White House invitation.

She said: “Our Biafra movement here in the US is building stronger by the minute. Our US National leader here is Godson Eruchalu, very powerful leader; one who’s background will carry him for miles! We are excited here to have such a strong family of leaders. What has stayed dormant in the past by Leaders who were not ready for growth, we will raise up and take Biafra to new heights and levels!”

On what supporters expect as results from the invitation to White House set for May 29, Nigeria’s Democracy Day, she explained:

“We are so honoured to be invited into the Whitehouse! President Trump is seeing our cries! We know that as we bring Biafra into the Whitehouse it will make history for us! Biafrans have never entered into the pearly gates of The Whitehouse. Our biggest hope is for Nigeria Government to see and recognize we are not backing down until our Leader Nnamdi Kanu is set free!”

One of the biggest questions Stallworth was asked was about who IPOB would meet at the White House; is it President Trump, the Congressman or just any other group of American officials?

She replied: “The day that we enter into the Whitehouse, I have been told, will be full of surprises. As the US Mobilization Officer, I get personal email every day from Trump inviting us to several great events, I believe we will just have to wait and see what Trump has prepared for us that day!”

If she gets emails from President Trump, then that means the American leader should be aware of IPOB’s visit. So, will he be on hand to receive the group?

Stallworth answered: “Trump is fully aware of our visit and at his personal calendar availability because of Holiday that day we will only wait and see! Trump loves Biafra and his voters and he will go to great lengths for us!”

Apart from Trump, Stallworth confirmed that IPOB’s leader Nnamdi Kanu, who is presently in detention here in Nigeria, is also reportedly aware of the invitation. and how will it impact on his continued detention?

She said: “My Leader Nnamdi Kanu is fully aware of every change and every decision before that mission is even started. We also only listen to Radio Biafra RBL no other outlets .As new Leaders in the US we will raise up armies in every state to go out and proclaim the gospel of Biafra. When we are finished there will be nobody in the US that will not know about Biafra! End result we will set our Leader free and the zoo government shall be no more! Then they will know that Biafra has come!”

While Stallworth believes achievement of the state of Biafra that the secessionists clamoured for could be any time soon, she however dismissed the idea of the movement taking up arms against the Nigerian government in case it takes longer.

She concluded: “Biafra will come this year and Election in the zoo will be no more. Once Biafra comes healing will come to the lands and Biafraland will shine so bright again.

“You know dealing with taking up arms, Our Leader Nnamdi Kanu has told us over and over that we are God’s people. We must not be like the infidels in the zoo (who) wear white garments and then behead his neighbor .

“Nnamdi teaches us we are whiter than white and so that starts from the inside and reflects on the outside so we are not vicious people with killing agenda under our belts. We only want to join hands into freedom amongst our people! All Hail Biafra!”

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