Nigerian Footballer molested by a Priest…

Former Super Falcons star Chi-Chi Igbo (aka Chified) has she escaped the clutches of a child molester.

The footballer, in an Instagram post, warns parents to be careful of the kind of people their children relate with.

“So many psychos, perverts and Pedophiles out there. Parents be cautious, be observant, I too was a victim, to a so called man of God,” she said.


She praised her father who stood up for her by confronting the unnamed molester.

“I appreciate my dad even tho We didn’t have the best relationship but for the fact that he was observant enough to notice and help put a stop to what was going on, I’m forever grateful to him,” she said.

She continued in her post: “Why I don’t believe 99% of these business men and abusers of the church, the word of God and it’s true purpose.”

“You don’t know me and where I am coming from,” she said in her plethora of hashtags, adding that her experiences are “why no human born of a woman can tell me who to be. I know who I am – a proud woman.”

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