Senator Andy Uba blasts his enemies of progress as ignorant, unserious and visionless

THE Senator representing Anambra South, Dr. Andy Uba said yesterday that he was not aware of any move by any section of his constituents to recall him as reported in a section of the media.

A group that called itself, the Dynamic Youth Organization of Nigeria, had last week claimed that it had commenced the process to recall Senator Uba over alleged poor performance.

But in a statement by his media aide, Mr. Uchem Obi, Senator Uba said he was unaware of the process to recall him from the senate as he had not been confronted with any allegation of wrong-doing to warrant the recall.

The statement read: “The process of recall is a serious democratic check on failed representatives of the people and not a weapon in the hands of desperate sycophants, who are not motivated by moral or ethical values, but by the monetary compensation of those who hired them.

“By exhibiting a total lack of knowledge of the function of the senate and the activities of senators, the organization has exposed itself as ignorant, unserious and visionless.

“How did they become ignorant of the fact of Senator Andy Uba’s record as the senator with the highest number of bills in the senate? A review of the activities of senators in the 8th senate showed that Senator Andy Uba led the chart with 13 bills?”

“How did they become ignorant, that on November 23, 2016, the Senate Press Corp conferred an award on Senator Uba as one of the outstanding senators of the 8th senate? Coming from an unblinking watch-dog as the Senate Press Corp, this was not a cheap award and should convince sensible and reasonable persons that the senator is excelling in the purpose for which he was elected into the senate.

“How did they become ignorant that Senator Andy Uba was easily re-elected from the 7th senate to the 8thsenate by proud and satisfied constituents of Anambra South senatorial zone? Why did they not know that by that re-election, Sen. Uba set an unprecedented record as the first and only senator from Anambra State to havecontested and won a second tenure in the senate?”

According to Obi, the organization that was championing the recall of Senator Uba was not credible, adding that its members were the usual faces in every election in Anambra State, whose stock- in -trade was to blackmail politicians for fees.

He said further: “The organization, their paymasters and ignorant members of the public should be educated that senators are not elected to construct roads or to provide electricity and water.

“These are the constitutional responsibilities of the executive arm of government and any citizen, corporate or individual, that had issues with the non-provision of these amenities, should direct their anger and frustration to either the President or governors of their states, and not to senators, who are strictly elected to make laws.”

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