British Government betrays Biafrans the second time…

vllkyt1a4mhrac6fr.0092cf66-300x250 British Government betrays Biafrans the second time...

The renewed agitation by the members of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) to secede from Nigeria has suffered a major setback as the British authority vowed that it would not allow Nigeria to break up.

VON gathered that the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright stated that the United Kingdom is behind one and indivisible Nigeria.


Arkwright made this affirmation at a public lecture titled: “‎Brexit: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria”, at the Federal University, Lokoja, on Thursday April 6.

Speaking on the position of Britain on the groups pushing to break from Nigeria, the envoy ‎ said the UK remained firm in its support for one Nigeria.

He noted that the unity of Nigeria should not be negotiable, stressing that the country will be better under one umbrella.

“The strength of Nigeria is not in her money or oil but her greatest asset remains her well-endowed and resourceful people,” Arkwright said.

He said Britain would support Nigeria in the areas of education and business development.


He said: “We will strive to increase our market by encouraging more investments in Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, the Presidency had revealed that the British Government will give the Federal Government information about Nigerians who own property in that country next year.

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