3 amazing secrets of ageless Nollywood Queen Liz Benson..

There are few people blessed with the kind of beauty plastered on the face and heart of veteran actress, Elizabeth Benson. It’s more than having the right facial features, it’s maintaining that youthful look after years of hardwork and survival.

For a woman born in 1966, one would expect life to reflect some of its scars on her appearance but not Liz Benson. Liz is a Nigerian actress who began her acting career as a kid. After making her way to the hearts of millions of Nigerians, she quit to do the work of the Lord.


VON brings you major times Elizabeth showed the world the true meaning of timeless beauty through the lens of a camera.

1. Having known pain after losing her first husband in her 20s, Liz learned to smile from a deeper part of her soul.

2. Benson grew in age but remained stunning, true beauty knows no end.


3. In 2009, Liz married her current husband, Bishop Great Emeya and remained the gorgeous lady we remember from the movie Glamour Girls.

4. They say “black don’t crack” and we have evidence from every line and carving of Elizabeth’s face.

Liz has evolved into a devoted christian.


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