The Senate is being occupied by the most unserious set of Nigerians in history, very childish and irresponsible, Nigeria is finished. Buhari’s man blast

Professor Itse Sagay (SAN), the Chairman of Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption has said the Senate is threatening President Buhari by rejecting appointees.

Sagay said the Senate’s action is childish and irresponsible and the senate will regret threatening the President, Daily Post reports.

VON recalled that Senators on Tuesday, March 28 threatened to reject all list of appointees that President Muhammadu Buhari sends to the house for confirmation.

The Senators are angry that President Buhari is keeping on the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Ibrahim Magu even after being rejected by the upper house of legislature.

The Senate rejected appointees as a protest against the president for allowing the continuous stay of Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC chairman.


Professor Sagay in his reaction to the Senate’s action said: “That action is childish and irresponsible.

Do they think Buhari is a man that can easily be threatened? My God! How can people of such character occupy the highest legislative office in the country? Nigeria is finished. “It is a great mistake and they will regret it.

“Where the Senate is required to approve a person for a particular position and they refuse to do it, the person could continue to act depending on the nature of the appointment.

“However, if the nominee is coming from another sector, just like in the case of the RECs, it means they cannot act.

However, people below that rank in INEC can continue to act as RECs all over the country as it has been done.


“What this action means is that the Senate is being occupied by the most unserious set of Nigerians in history.

Nigeria is currently at its lowest level because we have people who have no sense of responsibility, who have no feeling and are there for just vanity and are ready to bring down the country in order to feel important, it is the worst case of abuse ever. “Let them do what they want, they will regret it.”

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has sent names of two ministerial nominees from Kogi and Gombe states to the Senate.

A presidency source discloses that a cabinet reshuffle is imminent and will likely take place in the next few weeks.

The source says the cabinet reshuffle will make room for the new ministers and move others where the president thinks they are better suited.

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