Many injured as Peace Mass Transit commuter bus crashes into the bush caused by a strayed cow on the highway..

EIGHTEEN seater Toyota Hiace bus, popularly known as “commuter bus” owned by a popular mass transit company, Peace Mass Transit, PMT, crashed in the bush while trying to dodge a cattle crossing the Ugwuogo-Opi Expressway.

It was gathered that the bus that was coming from Nsukka to Enugu ran into the bush when he wanted to overtake another vehicle and a cow ran across the express at the same time thereby forcing the vehicle to head into the bush.

It was however gathered that no death was recorded in the accident but some passengers sustained injuries as the bus hit trees and heavy stones in the bush.

One of the injured passengers, Miss Angela Ifeoma who praised God for saving their lives told our correspondent that the cow ran into the express as if it was planned by the owner to go and cause accident.

“The cow ran to the express like what somebody sent to go out to the express to cause accident but thank God for saving us”, Ifeoma disclosed.

The driver who was dumbfounded at the incident, praised God for sparing their lives. He said that the thing happened so suddenly that he could not say how it all happened.

“I do not know what to say but all the praise and adoration should go to God”, he said.

At the time our correspondent arrived at the scene of the incident, none of the injured passengers had been taken to the hospital and there was no security agents around to comment on the incident.

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