Pastor Adeboye’s driver Pastor Adeniju beats up his own driver and locked him up for doing this.

The Global Overseer of RCCG Pastor Adeboye’s  driver beats up one of his own drivers and locked him up for misusing his dairly returns.

The report we gathered from a reliable source,  a friend to the victims reviels that the same Pastor Adeniju owns half of all the Keke Tricircles  that operates in redemption camp.  The same Pastor is the oldest and official Driver of the Global Overseer of RCCG Worldwide Pastor Adeboye.

We heard that the subject Oba as he is called in redemption camp failed to deliver his dairly returns to the said Pastor Adeniju as he is one of his Keke Tricircles driver.  He was arrested and beaten up mercilessly by the order of Pastor Adeniju and sat under the sun in public from morning till dawn.

To me this are the people that are making the gospel of Christ discouraging, instead of encouraging,  supporting and being of assistance to the suffering converts,  they make your life deficult and miserable.

This same pastor Adeniju once beat up a guy in the camp with machete. Pastor Adeboye should please call this wicked and hypocritic pastor to order before he ruines his reputations.

Somebody shout Halleluyah.

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